Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

1.1 — What type of web design services do you offer?

Glad you asked! While other services recycle templates, we design and develop each project from scratch with an original and unique flare. If you're looking for an online service specializing in delivering the "Wow!" effect to your guests, then you've come to the right "waypoint."

1.2 — Do you offer templates or pre-made designs?

Absolutely not. We pride ourselves on original web design, specifically built around you and your brand. While some website owners may prefer a template-based site for economical reasons, many do not realize their online potential with an original web design.

1.3 — How long does the web design process take?

Good question! It really depends on the project and what's involved. We strive to have a final completion time of 4-8 weeks with your input along the way; however, with projects that require development or other elements, this timeline may vary.

1.4 — What will Waypoint Arts need from me to begin production?

We'll do almost all of the heavy lifting, but we'll need some content from you before we can start.

  • Photos: Must be web or print-ready as they relate to your project (Web-ready: 72+ DPI. Print-ready: 300+ DPI)
  • Logos: Need to be in vector or high resolution format (300+ DPI)
  • Copy: Copy/text for each page or layout must be in final proof read format
  • Color schemes
  • Font types/faces
  • Contact information
1.5 — Can I give input throughout the design process?

Most definitely! We understand "design" is a subjective art, so we'll first gauge your expectations and the direction you'd like us to go. We'll then send you samples throughout the design phase to gain feedback and to ensure we're on the track!

1.6 — Will I fully own my project after my website is completed?

Yes, most definitely! Upon completion and all payments received by Waypoint Arts, you'll have full ownership of the copyright rights to your awesome website. You can read the legal mumbo-jumbo here.

1.7 — Can I request modifications after my project has been completed?

Depending on the type of modification after a project is delivered (and approved by you), we charge an hourly rate for modifications.

Web Development

2.1 — What type of web development services do you offer?

Whether you need backend support for your website to function properly, or perhaps a database-related application, let Waypoint Arts build the foundation that suits your needs. We'll create a website that'll be secure and accessible through today's modern browsers - optimized to run smoothly and quickly.

2.2 — Are you able to develop x, y, or z feature?

We have a great toolbox with years of experience. Let us know what you need, and we'll see what kind of amazing software we can develop for you.

2.3 — Can you modify my already-existing website?

We'll be more than happy to peak at your engine running under-the-hood and let you know how we can tailor your site to your specific needs.

2.4 — Do you offer mobile development?

Waypoint Arts designs each web-based product to be compatible for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. We create a "responsive" web designs, which are not only compatible with mobile devices and tablets, but customized for each device used. It's a "multiple-design-in-one" approach, so your site looks like it has a mobile-version.

At this time, unfortunately we do not develop mobile apps.

Graphic Design & Print

3.1 — Is Waypoint Arts limited to web-based design?

Nope! If you need graphic design work done, we can help. Drop us a line to get started.

3.2 — Can you create a project made-for-print?

Waypoint Arts can create posters, fliers, and other documents to grab your audience's eye. Whether it's a project for an event, an advertisement, or something in between, we can deliver!

Budgeting & Pricing

4.1 — You offer a lot of custom builds, so will you be able to work within my budget?

Yes! We strive to make great products. Every client is different, and we understand that. We can work within most budgets to make a great product at a mutually agreed upon price.

4.2 — How much will my project cost?

That really depends on what type of service(s) you require. For web-based products, some clients need just a new design. Others require development aspects to their project as well. Give us a quick description of your idea and we'll gladly offer a free consultation and quote.

4.3 — After we agree upon a price, will it change throughout the process?

No. Once we agree upon the cost of your project, we will not increase the price unless the client requests additional features. Learn more here.

Support & Hosting

5.1 — What type of warranty is included with your services?

We want to make sure you're happy with your project and do our best to make sure we live up to your expectations. After a project is completed, there is a time period for requests to be made. Learn more here.

5.2 — Will my new website be compatible on multiple browsers and operating systems?

We thoroughly test each web-based product on multiple browsers and operating systems. We can assure you that our products will be compatible on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome.

5.3 — Can you maintain my website, even if Waypoint Arts didn't build it?

Of course! We offer several maintenance solutions with one-time, monthly, and year plans. Learn more here.

5.4 — Do you provide web hosting services?

We do not provide web hosting services, but we can certainly give advice and recommendations that suit your needs.